October 1, 2019

Zwischen Wandel und Tradition: Orthodoxie in den USA heute

In den USA stellt die Orthodoxie eine Minderheitenreligion dar. Doch sie verzeichnet einen stetigen Zuwachs an Konvertiten und spielte sowohl historisch als auch politisch eine Rolle. Vor Herausforderungen stellt sie ihr multiethnischer Charakter, die geopolitischen Verwerfungen auf der Ebene der Weltorthodoxie, ihr Status als Diasporakirche sowie ein wachsender Fundamentalismus einiger ihrer Anhänger.

October 9, 2013

Connective Implications of the Material Holy 

"In the "Praying with the Senses” prayer portal, seven scholars investigating Eastern Orthodoxy offer essays on the sensory aspects of prayer and devotionalism, highlighting how the modalities of prayer affect its efficacy. This portal also allows for reflection and questioning about the role of haptic and visual encounters with the sacred during prayer, about the relational and communal ties between the socio-religious networks of Orthodox Christians—both living and celestial—and about how these encounters and bonds affect the identities of practitioners in corporate and individual ways."

November 15, 2018

Engaging with Appalachia's Coal Crisis 

 "West Virginians are not “tragic pawns”; rather, they exemplify ways forward for all of us who are concerned about issues related to environmentalism. Despite being pushed unto a system that has persistently focused on big industry rather than its laborers, West Virginians are actively creating new narratives for the region, throwing off stereotypes and embracing a green future."

July 2, 2014

Embodiment in Orthodox Prayer and Spirituality 

"This article is an extension of Connective Implications of the Material Holy, our essay on Orthodox material and sensory cultures that was published here on Reverberations last fall. Eastern Orthodox worship, prayer, and devotional activities are composed of sensory and material cultures that are deployed and employed through kinetic, embodied gestures and rituals, both vernacular and institutional. In other words, prayer and worship in the Orthodox Church are embodied."